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Proactive Investors Interview

News Articles

08/10/2019 – The Advocate: King Island Scheelite shareholders back loan-mortage deal

02/10/2019 – King Island Courier: 18% more scheelite at Bold Head

26/09/2019 – Small Caps: King Island Scheelite unveils 18% increase to tungsten resources at Dolphin

26/09/2019 – Mining News: King Island boosts tungsten resource

16/09/2019 – Stockhead: Barry FitzGerald: King Island Scheelite on why the tungsten price is only a ‘short-term low’

09/09/2019 – King Island Courier: King Island tungsten mining hopeful eyes loan deal

21/08/2019 – King Island Courier: A Guide to the Geology of King Island

29/07/2019 – Small Caps: King Island Scheelite boosts cash reserves with Gekko Systems placement

29/07/2019 – Proactive Investors: King Island Scheelite completes share placement to process engineering contractor

24/07/2019 – Proactive Investors: King Island Scheelite secures $2 million debt to progress restart of tungsten mine

24/07/2019 – Small Caps: Executive director Chris Ellis backs King Island with $2m loan to advance Dolphin tungsten project

03/07/2019 – King Island Courier: KI Scheelite appoint Murcott mine manager

02/07/2019 – Proactive Investors: Will tungsten be the next big mover after rare earths?

27/06/2019 – The Advocate: Important King Island Scheelite role filled by Charles Murcott

26/06/2019 – Proactive Investors: King Island Scheelite appoints general manager of project development for Dolphin Project

05/06/2019 – Proactive Investors: King Island Scheelite revises Dolphin’s tungsten reserve estimate in feasibility update

05/06/2019 – Small Caps: Tungsten stocks on the ASX: The Ultimate Guide

04/06/2019 – Mining Monthly: KIS for Dolphin

03/06/2019 – The Advocate: King Island Scheelite seeks funds, tungsten joint venture partner

03/06/2019 – Small Caps: King Island Scheelite’s Dolphin feasibility study points to tungsten production in 2021

03/06/2019 – Proactive Investors: King Island Scheelite’s feasibility study indicates positive economics for Dolphin Tungsten Project

28/05/2019 – Mining News: Tungsten: tough metal, tough tactics

23/01/2019 – KI Courier: Gekko Study Completion