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Dolphin Project Exploration

Scheelite within the Dolphin mining area occurs within carbonate-rich Mine Series rocks in close proximity to the Grassy Granite and against controlling faults. The scheelite mineralisation is the result of chemical interaction between mineralizing fluids from the intruding granite and the Mine Series rocks.

KIS has undertaken a high resolution aeromagnetic survey over parts of the tenements held.  The results of this, together with open source data and known geology, have provided encouragement to KIS that promising exploration targets exist in the area surrounding the proposed mine site.  These targets are:

South Bold Head
Interpretation of the magnetic data in conjunction with gravity data indicates that Mine Series rocks may be found at relatively shallow depths immediately above a granitic body. Key mineralisation bounding faults extending between the historic Bold Head and Dolphin mining areas cut the approximately 500m long target area.  

Bold Head Mine
The Bold Head Mine is approximately 3 km north of the proposed open cut pit.  When the Bold Head mine was closed by the previous operators, it was known that unmined mineralisation remained.  In addition, there may be extensions to the deposit immediately to the south and west of the original workings.  If present, these may present the possibility of being developed as an underground mine, possibly as an extension of the old workings.

South Dolphin
Mine Series rocks and key mineralising faults are interpreted to occur under Grassy Bay immediately off-shore from Dolphin. This mineralisation could plunge in excess of 500m to the SSE within the Mine Series rocks and adjacent to the Grassy Granite contact.
West Dolphin
Located immediately west of the Dolphin pit within Mine Series rocks, this area is interpreted to host strike extensions to Dolphin. Previous operators of the mine undertook limited diamond drilling in this area, but did not fully drill-test the approximately 250m by 200m prospective contact area.  If successful, this could provide supplementary early feed for the processing plant. 

KIS intend to investigate at least some of these opportunities in the coming year.

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